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Complete Manufacturing Facility for Pollution Controls

BC Supply, with its complete manufacturing facility, can produce complete cyclone and trash abatement systems for all of your pollution control needs. BC Supply engineers are able to perform on-site visits and take the necessary air readings in order to correctly size cyclones for maximum efficiency. Contact us today to discuss your pollution controls.

Efficient burr stacking systems for trash collection

For trash collection not using cyclones, BC Supply has built a number of burr stacking systems for the cotton ginning industry using a series of belt and screw conveyors. We also provide on-site fine tuning and custom-built machinery to your specifications.

Minimize your contamination

Minimize the likelihood of contamination from airborne particle waste. Our pollution control will ensure that the atmosphere remains clean and safe and that you adhere to all federal regulations.

Quality air and pollution controls

  • Cyclone design and manufacturing

  • Fans and rotary air locks

  • Trash handling cupped belts

  • Trash hoppers

Square pollution controls